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Browse through the following albums of postcards and photographs and get to know old views and pictures of historical Moosburg.

Link alb02_1e.html   Panoramic postcards, bird's-eye views and aerial photos of Moosburg
  12 pictures
Last update
6 Feb 2000
Link alb03_1e.html   Postcards with views of Moosburg
  21 pictures
Last update
18 Feb 2000
Link alb04_1e.html   Views of Moosburg's streets and squares
  21 pictures
Last update
14 Feb 2000
- Further views of Weingraben, former Poststraße 13 pictures
Last update
  - Around Viehmarktplatz   20 pictures
Last update
Link alb05_1e.html   Decorative postcards with views of Moosburg
  20 pictures
Last update
15 Feb 2000
  Postcards and pictures of Moosburg's churches
  9 pictures
Last update
  - Arrival of the new church bells   16 pictures
Last update
10 Jul 2004
Link alb06_1e.html   Postcards and pictures of special sites and events of Moosburg
  19 pictures
Last update
16 Feb 2000

We would like to add new views and pictures to our historical collection. So, if you happen to have old postcards or photographs of Moosburg we would appreciate it very much if you let us scan them (no harm at all will be done to your precious pictures). Just contact us.

Maybe you have further information about some of our views? Any detail would be welcome.

Thank you very much, and now enjoy your tour.

Your Moosburg WebTeam

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