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Local museum (c. 31 kbytes) The Heimatmuseum (museum of local history) was founded by the school headmaster Ludwig Weh in 1937. After having occupied some rooms in the town hall it moved into its own building in 1975: the former girls' school in Kastulusplatz behind the Minster and St John's Church.

The collections comprise archeological finds from different periods: Stone Age, Bronze Age, Hallstatt, La-Tène, Celtic, Roman and Bavarian periods. There are also printing plates for coloured cloth, historical weapons and a collection of religious art: e.g. sculptures, guild poles and votive gifts. The recent history of Moosburg ist represented by models of the POW camp Stalag VII A and the Stalag memorial fountain. Some items remind of the Moosburg engineer Georg Hummel who invented the electricity meter.

Heimatmuseum (ca. 31 kB)

Agricultural exhibits in the Heimatmuseum

Heimatmuseum (ca. 31 kB)

A model of POW camp Stalag VII A.

Heimatmuseum (ca. 31 kB)

A model of the Stalag memorial fountain. It was erected in 1963 in Moosburg's New Town. The stone reliefs were made by the French sculptor Antoniucci Volti who was himself a POW of Stalag VII A.

Heimatmuseum (ca. 31 kB)

A drawing of a Stalag memorial including Volti's sculptures which wasn't carried out.

Kastulusplatz 3, 85368 Moosburg a.d. Isar
Opening hours: Sundays 4 to 5:30 p.m. and by appointment
Contact: Michael Kerscher
Telephone: +49-170-9302831
E-Mail: [email protected]

Picture: © WebTeam Moosburg

Literature: Ludwig Weh: "Der erfolgreiche Weg des Moosburger Heimatmuseums", in: 20 Jahre Heimatverein Moosburg, Unser Moosburg 12, 1998, p. 96-109

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